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  Hello from Northern California
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Joined: 11 Aug 2012
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Location: Camino, CA
PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:29 pm Reply with quote

My name is Donna and my husband Ray and myself run a poultry farm in the Sierra foothills community of Camino, just east of Placerville.

When I first met my husband a few years ago, I was already a bird enthusiast, having one peachfaced lovebird. He then shared with me his desire to have chickens and that's where our poultry farm began about 2.5 years ago. We began with chickens, but quickly added geese, ducks, guinea fowl and turkeys. So it seemed logical (at least to me) that peafowl would be next, though it took some convincing on my part to get dear husband on board with that.

Last June I happened upon a UPA breeder practically in my backyard. The rest is history. They are India Blue, now about 9 weeks old and it *looks* like we have have 2 females (definitely one) and one male (keeping fingers crossed). As I knew they would, they grew on my husband....he loves to listen to all the little sounds they make and he loves watching them as much as any of our other birds.

I have them in a growing pen inside our "chicken garage" for now as hubby prepares a permanent home for them, and we are considering using our turkey pen as there is just one turkey left and she is more than two years old so it will be time for her to go to the freezer soon. No worries, the peafowl will not at anytime be going to the freezer as their sole purpose for us is to bring color and beauty to our little corner of the world. So my question is this, would it be safe to house peafowl in a pen previously inhabited by turkeys? From the research I've done I have seen that turkeys and peafowl have almost identical physiology and pathology. Any feedback confirming or denying that would be very much appreciated.

Will get pics up soon.

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UPA Forum Moderator
UPA Forum Moderator

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 8:02 am Reply with quote

Hi Donna
Well, the peas will certainly add both color and a new perspective to your farm. Re mixing peafowl with other species, it's not advised. Especially during breeding season, males will fight each other. Even small pheasants will go on the offensive toward a much larger bird (peafowl). It can get really ugly. Although I'm not certain about housing peas in a run formerly inhabited by turkeys, it seems logical to me that if you keep your birds wormed and keep an eye out for coccidia, they should be fine as long as there is enough space.

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